FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Basics

Share Links.biz features in addition to its convenient link management through robust security features that ensure no one can get unauthorized users and automatically running scripts directly to the content.
The service is completely free and funded through its advertising revenue. We therefore ask all users to renounce the use of advertisment blocking systems.
Unlike similar projects, all types of hyperlinks, which follow the standard http:// can be stored, sorted and offered.

Question 2. Operation

The functional range of Share-Links.biz is different for registered users and guests (see 2.1).

Question 2.1. For folder owners

Besides the simple entering of links so-called backup-links (often also called mirrors) are available to registered users. They prepare and serve folders with a no longer guaranteed availability of the main links as a replacement. There are two types:
- Multi-Mode: If this mode is activated, links are exchanged completely if only one link is not longer available in the main package. If anything is missing in all packages the package will be used where the least error files were found. The file number and sequence of links per package does not care in this mode.
- Single-Mode: When using this mode links are exchanged individual. In contrast to the multi-mode, the sequence and number of links within a package is very important: 1. The number of files per package must be identical. 2. The files will be replaced in the exact order they were entered. If e.g. link 7 out of package 1 should no longer be available, the system tries to find a link from another backup package from exactly the same position.

CONTAINERS: In addition to the pure web security various container formats are available. CCF, DLC and RSDF can be selected. As a special Click'n'Load is offered based on DLC. All these formats will require extra download tools (execpt web security, of cause).

EXPORT: Exporting and publishing of the created folder can be done in two ways:
- BB-codes (often called only BBC): These codes can be used in all the available forums (bulletin boards).
- Web Links: Especially for operators of their own websites, this combination of image tag and hyperlink is intended.

COMMENTS: Registered users have the ability to create a comment for each package. The output is done in the "system font", resulting in a pure ASCII text-based source, ideally for so-called NFO files.

Question 2.2. As a pure user

For the operation and use of existing folders only a javascript compatible web browser is required.
As the owner of the folder has various ways to make the links available, it can not be globally assumed that the usage is possible without further programs.
For the Web-based decoding, no tools are necessary, but it is otherwise in the 3 available container formats.

Question 3. CAPTCHA

To effectively protect against unauthorized access to data and automatic retrieval, a specially developed CAPTCHA is used. This is not based like many other routines of this sort on the input of letters and numbers, but on the recognition of a main code and the subsequent click of the equivalent code from the table.

The operation is very intuitive after a short acclimatization:
- In light of the code table is issued a code, which is present in the table.
- The table is sorted alphabetically from top to bottom, from left to right numerically ascending order.
- You only need to read the code in the background, find the correct row based on the letter at the beginning of the code and find the matching number from the horizontal.
- After clicking you arrive without detours directly at the link overview.
- If you still have problems, located under each Captcha is a short video instructions.

Question 4. Durability of the folders

Links and Folders will be normally never deleted.
As long as there is no reasonable causes, all links remain there indefinitely until the user deletes them.
For data-related reasons, the operator reserves the right to delete, however, demonstrated in front of unused links.
These rules do not apply to folders content, e.g. reported by the rights holders of the links believable as illegal copies of the property.

Question 5. Additional support

With Share-Links.biz any kind of link can be stored and safely shared with other users.
For some so-called "One Click Hosters" additional information about the condition, size, or the vendor is available.

The following list is constantly being expanded, which may result in individual cases to a larger support, even if the provider at this point still does not appears.

















[CN]Cloudnator.com (Shragle.com)












































































































































































































Question 6. Points and CPM

Each publisher of hyperlinks receives points for the use of his data.
These points are subject to the following conditions and can be applied to a payout progress if at least 2,500,000 points are reached (the equivalent of 25 euros).

- Points will be counted if at least one link or container from the folder was opened.
- Folder owner can not give any awarded to their own offer.
- Points are counted only if the advertisment of our partners are delivered.

Question 7. Status Indicators

Especially when just setting up new folders, the system can only calculate the important information a short delay.
These include support for third-party e.g. the file size or the file name.
In addition, an availability indicator can be generated only after the audit took place.
To avoid unnecessary activity on these providers and to take care on our own system, all data comes from a cache system which will be periodically renewed.
Therefore we ask for any variances for the inconvenience.

Question 8. Known Issues

The concept of Share-Links has been focused on security, therefore, we had to find a compromise between usability and security.

Question 8.1. Some controls do not work

Share-Links uses Javascript + Cookies on many places to operate effectively, and to protect the content a little better.
So, among without active javascript things like downloading a container or the decryption of links is not possible.

Question 8.2. Click'n'Load not working

This problem can have several reasons:
- The download program does not understand the container version (own software update).
- The ticket has expired (currently 5min are granted per ticket).
- The Downloadsoftware and your browser are using different IPs. That, among happens if you are browsing through a proxy, but this proxy is not used within your software.

Question 9. API

Share-Links offers an API which allows the creation of protected folders without website access. This makes it possible to create a completely automate access and use for their own purposes.
To use all the features, you need the API key, available free of charge.

Question 9.1. To assist the API

A detailed documentation of the necessary parameters can be read under the menu API.
It is really important that every transmission with string variables is using the encoding from the UTF-8 standard. Only thus can easily use special characters.

Question 10. Affiliate Program

With the affiliate program promoters can earn 5% of every payout of promoted users.
Every user can promote as many users as they want.
The new user has to enter the username or email-adress of the promoter. All later steps are done automatically by the system.