FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Basics

Share Links.biz features in addition to its convenient link management through robust security features that ensure no one can get unauthorized users and automatically running scripts directly to the content.
The service is completely free and funded through its advertising revenue. We therefore ask all users to renounce the use of advertisment blocking systems.
Unlike similar projects, all types of hyperlinks, which follow the standard http:// can be stored, sorted and offered.

Question 2. Operation

Question 2.1. For folder owners

Question 2.2. As a pure user

Question 3. CAPTCHA

Question 4. Durability of the folders

Question 5. Additional support

With Share-Links.biz any kind of link can be stored and safely shared with other users.
For some so-called "One Click Hosters" additional information about the condition, size, or the vendor is available.

The following list is constantly being expanded, which may result in individual cases to a larger support, even if the provider at this point still does not appears.

















[CN]Cloudnator.com (Shragle.com)












































































































































































































Question 6. Points and CPM

Question 7. Status Indicators

Question 8. Known Issues

Question 8.1. Some controls do not work

Question 8.2. Click'n'Load not working

Question 9. API

Question 9.1. To assist the API

Question 10. Affiliate Program