02.09.2015 Wed, 11:19

Question Link Status

Caused by a technical issue the link status of all entries is currently disturbed. We're working on a fast solution.
This entry will be updated as soon as possible.

Update: the link status check is online again with a reduced amount of power. The team will continue its work until everything is back to the normal behavior.

Update 09/03/2015:
All work was completed within the last hours, the service should work again in normal condition.

30.11.2012 Fri, 09:31

Question Kaspersky Issues

The popular Internet Security Kaspersky seems to have issues with some encoding types of our webservers. This was for instance visible in a partial destroyed captcha image.
We've modified the delivery of the captcha images to bypass this mistake within Kaspersky.
Hopefully the company behind Kaspersky will fix this issue later, chunked transfers are far away from rare at the internet.

16.08.2012 Thu, 10:16

Question Maintenance Link Status Check

The service gets a scheduled maintenance for the link status check engine. We will update you as soon all work has been done.

UPDATE: everything should be back to normal, the process took at least 2 hours.

22.11.2011 Tue, 14:02

Question Plugin-Updates

- (before known as


19.11.2011 Sat, 21:58

Question Plugin-Updates



20.05.2011 Fri, 15:24

Question 3,30€ CPM for folders

From now on we're able to offer you a raised revenue for all folders which contain (only!) hyperlinks.
You'll get 150% of the normal values which means up to 3,30 Euro per 1000 hits.

This campaign is not limited to any end date, but can be stopped at any time.
Don't wait, get your benifits today ;-).

21.04.2011 Thu, 14:26

Question Plugin-Updates


update 5th may 2011:
- fixed

29.03.2011 Tue, 20:27

Question Plugin-Updates

- (a few days ago)
- >
- folder management updated for firefox4


04.10.2010 Mon, 15:27

Question Plugin-Updates


- (migration with
- (migration with

30.09.2010 Thu, 17:10

Question Global folder options, "NON-PROFIT"-Mode

A few users have requested the global folder options (change passwords, container options for many folders with one single progress) and today we've finished our work for this feature. It is available for every registered user.

As result from some other user requests we've decided to implant a "NON-PROFIT"-Mode to the system. This mode allows you to reduce the advertisements for the desired folder and let the pages load and react a lot faster for your customers. The point-earning system is disabled in this mode.

05.07.2010 Mon, 14:52

Question Migration completed

Even though the service was perfectly reachable the last few days, we've moved the main service to two new machines (both dual-4-core xeon based). This reserve should be enough for the next period of time ;-).

02.07.2010 Fri, 18:23

Question Hardware troubles

We're currently working at a RAID-Issue (no data is lost, only the Harddrives are rejected time by time) and are really sorry for the disfunctional service.

You can be sure that we're doing our best to fix this problem as fast as possible.

18.06.2010 Fri, 11:00

Question 3 new hosters

Today we've added three new filehoster support plugins:


29.05.2010 Sat, 07:41

Question Hardware failure

Seemingly we've got a hardware issue within the time from 11pm yesterday until 6am today our server was not really useable.
The problem was fixed and we're really sorry for this downtime :-(.

14.05.2010 Fri, 12:42

Question Database update +

Within the last three days a faulty output for any kind of link status was possible. This was the result of a completely rewritten database engine which allows us to serve more links with a lower power consumption.

A linkcheck plugin was added.

The plugin will be disabled, the provider seems to be gone.

20.04.2010 Tue, 18:31

Question API Update + 3 new Hosters (+3 4th May 2010)

We've added three new plugins for popular 1-click-hosters:


The biggest update was done to the API.
We're no offering folder-deletion and status-information over this connection type.

Hoster-update, 4th may 2010:



12.04.2010 Mon, 11:17

Question added

Once again we've added the support for a filehosting service after a user request: is available with Filename and Filesize support. Only ONE file is supported per hyperlink to!

03.04.2010 Sat, 22:33

Question Hoster Update

Again two new user requests for filehosting pages: and are now supported.

01.03.2010 Mon, 22:15

Question User request:

Caused by a userrequest, Share-Links has now a linkcheck plugin for

22.02.2010 Mon, 15:24

Question Premium Access at for free with every payout!

After a conference with our affiliate we're now able to spend you an unactivated Premium-Account for their service with every payout you're getting here.
The Premium-Time starts after the first login to the created account, therefore you can decide to use it for your own at every date you want or simply resell it.

You'll get the following durations for your payouts:

> 15 Euro: 7 days
> 30 Euro: 1 month
> 45 Euro: 3 month
> 60 Euro: 6 month

All open payouts will automatically be affected by this new extension.

20.01.2010 Wed, 00:03

Question Click'n'Load v2 support added

Enabled by a software-update for the JDownloader-software it was possible to integrate the Click'n'Load v2-support to, which replaces the old version immediately.
We're currently testing this enhancement but it seems to work really good for this moment.

31.12.2009 Thu, 20:38

Question Happy Year and a merry Xmas afterwards

After a few turbulent christmas days we want to wish you a happy new year 2010 and a successful new decade!

As a small gift we've added a filter to every members area which enables you to filter your folders by providers (this should make the management a lot easier).

your Share-Links Creators

Happy Year and a merry Xmas afterwards

04.12.2009 Fri, 10:24

Question Hoster Update

After a few user requests share-links is now able to validate filelinks. Streaming URLs are currently NOT supported, we will try to add this feature later.

Addition: The support for streaming URLs was added a few seconds ago.

Addition2: The was broken by a website update of the provider. We've just updated the plugin.

Addition3: Nice workflow today, 3rd update ;-): support was added. The streaming part is support as well as the filehoster part.

16.11.2009 Mon, 12:14

Question Affiliate Program

Today we've started the new affiliate program.
Promoters earn 5% of every payout of promoted users.
For more details take a look at the FAQ.

We're currently building the frontend in every userarea to view statistics and earnings. The signup mask is already updated, the rest will follow as soon as possible.

11.11.2009 Wed, 16:25

Question Hoster Update

Once again 2 new supported Filehoster Services from a user request (thanks for these!):
Within the last days we fixed some other plugins like and and were reported as broken but it seems that these services are simply offline ;).

05.11.2009 Thu, 11:02

Question API Failures

Seemingly has problems with its own API or service. Different users confirmed this by email and this is discussed in other internet forums as well. The API responses sometimes with "ERROR: Wrong Server." and a few minutes later the same request works without any issues.

If Rapidshare fixes this problem all links will be revalidated automatically.

04.11.2009 Wed, 18:32

Question Captcha Manual

Seemingly for few users it ends in a massive misinterpretation for the captcha understanding at the download page. This again results in rash tries or really messy emails ;-).

Caused by this here is a small video documentation how to handle this issue. After watching this many of the senders may realize that the handling of the captcha isn't as hard as it seems for the first second(s) :-).

03.11.2009 Tue, 15:39

Question Adjustment CPM-Rates

Caused by dubious advertisment partners we're forced to lower the CPM rate for all countries from outside AT-CH-DE to 0,38€/1000 as CPM rate. We're planning to redesign these rates for users from USA, Canada, France and maybe more within the next weeks once we found new reliable partners. All old earnings left as they are, we're not deleting any old point from the accounts!

25.10.2009 Sun, 20:47

Question User Request:

A few minutes ago the next user request was completed. It is

23.10.2009 Fri, 12:23

Question Hoster Update

2 new Hosters are now supported with download and status information for the desired folder:

Megavideo does not have any filesize or length information available. It is shown with "unknown" but the online status and movie title are working very well.

20.10.2009 Tue, 12:37

Question Webmoney added + 2 new hosters

Besides Paypal and Banktransfer Webmoney was added today to the payout methods of share-links.

[EDIT:] and are are supported.

18.10.2009 Sun, 00:21

Question Update:

Again, developed from a user request is now supported.
In addition, we worked on the last days on a better evaluating of the link status and the corresponding display in the members area. Before the link was shown as unavailable after only one failed call, what have led to seemingly unwanted off-line alerts, which led to confusion among the owners and at the download progress.

06.10.2009 Tue, 13:49

Question Email-function distured

Since the end of last week our e-mail function was disturbed. It was not possible to all users to modify their account or validate a new one.

We apologize for the problem and hope for understanding.

All unvalidated receipts from this period were just activated by the vendor and can be used immediately.

30.09.2009 Wed, 15:57

Question support added

As a small update a and support was added ( does not show any useable filename data so we're using the server-number and filesize for it as status information). For any suggestions which hoster to support next feel free to use the Contact area.
All currently supported hosters are shown here.

28.09.2009 Mon, 12:00

Question Clarification Awardsystem

After you have already reported several wondered searching for your lost points, here's the explanation for the "loss":
  • On each score, nothing has changed. The system only add points, it never removes anything.
  • The previously displayed click count inside the folder listing was exchanged yesterday against the current running system with traffic rating.
  • The old values (including the statistics before 16.09.2009) were more a click counter as a award system.
  • We're currently assigning credits for the period prior 16th September 200. In individual cases, please email us.
  • Reminder: Since yesterday, the new valuation for traffic from outside AT / CH / DE is running. According to our own statistice the site is currently running with approximately 25-30% of users from outside these regions.

The current cpm rates are shown here.

28.09.2009 Mon, 00:00

Question Earn money with Share-Links

CPM Teaser

26.09.2009 Sat, 13:41

Question Beta Phase

At first of all a big thanks to every tester and supplier! Many bugs and failures were found within the last two weeks and hopefully the main problems are fixed.

The following points are now removed from the to do list:
  • Award System
  • Referer Statistics
  • CPM Rates
  • added Contents like FAQ and Contact (the FAQ is currently only available in german language)
  • added API
  • more support for 1Click-Hoster providers and many fixes to the used linkcheck and handling engine
  • english language for the the page
  • updates to the download pages

Caused by these reasons we're starting the beta test today. Please feel free to contact us with any proposal you may have and of with any problem.

12.09.2009 Sat, 10:27

Question First Alpha Release

The Service starts today with a first test release.
The following points are still missing but will be added as fast as possible:
  • the english language
  • More support for "1-click-hoster-services" (currently supported are Rapidshare,,,,,,,, and
  • Pagecontents like the FAQ
  • Payoutsystem
  • Better support for normal web links

Feel free to contact us with any question you may have at the bulletin board.

Have fun and good luck with the early release of share-links!